Impact resistance is crucial to provide you safety for your eyes. Safeguard yourself from potential eye injury!

High Impact

Ability to take the hard knocks in life

Our Lenses are made with material that offers UV protection,

and with our unique nano-coating strengthens the protection even better. Since our nano-coating is treated both sides, you have yourself covered with front and back

High impact-resistant lenses only qualify after passing two tests.

1) Drop Ball Test:

Testing according to USA FDA Impact resistant regulation 21 CFR 801.410 ranges,

using a steel ball of 16.3g to drop from a height of 127cm and hitting the most fragile

part of the lens, the centre, such that it doesn't break.

2) Minimum Resilience Test:

Testing according to CNS 15067 No. 6.5.1 regulation of heating the lens in a

55 degree Celsius oven for an hour, and then cooling it in a -5 degree Celsius freezer

for an hour before subjecting the centre of the lens to continuous 10-second compression

from a 100N (about 10kg) iron rod, such that it doesn't crack.