• <span>Student</span>  I use CST Lens

    Student I use CST Lens

    CST Lens let me choose easily the lens that is suitable for me, at the price I love!

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  • <span>Children </span> CST Lens Protect Me Well

    Children CST Lens Protect Me Well

    I love CST, mummy says it protect me from impact and UV lights!

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  • <span>Executive</span> Relaxed working&amp;outing

    Executive Relaxed working&outing

    CST lens protects people from harmful computer rays and UV lights, we are relaxed both working and out playing!

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  • <span>Grandparents</span> Read near and far

    Grandparents Read near and far

    Grandparents often need 2 pairs of glasses. With CST Lens, we eliminate your problem!

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Children CST Lens Protect Me Well






Protect your kids? Why not the eyes?

CST recommends the Steel Ball series of our products.
Children often touches the glasses very often, with SuperClean Coat on Steel Ball, cleaning is ever simple!
With UV protection and EMI protection, your kids will be well protected.
Not Enough? Stell Ball comes with impact protection, provide physical protection to your kids' eyes!

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What customers say!

very clear when I see.
Olivia Ang 8 years old


Easy to clean myself
Quan Quan 10 years old



What we do

  • Clear Vision

    Clear Vision

  • Premium Quality

    Premium Quality that matches your needs!

  • Affordable Prices

    We believe after Clear Vision and Premium Quality, affordable price is a must to benefit the mass!